2023 Special Focus Issues

2022 Media Kit is here!

ED Special Focuses for 2023

January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10
Meet the insurance rockstars!

A Special Focus on the personalities behind the brands
Insurance is a necessity for every single adult nightclub, and no two insurance companies — or insurance agents — are exactly alike. In this Special Focus we’ll go beyond the coverages and brands in order to get to know the agents themselves. There are fewer decisions a club owner will make more important than which insurance company they’ll work with, and these personal profiles will provide a window into this process.

March Issue: Deadline: Feb 10
Crank it Up!

A Special Focus on speakers, sound systems and microphones
Every adult club relies upon a clear, concise sound system, one that helps keep the party going without killing conversation between entertainers and customers. And let’s not forget microphones, the top tool in a DJ’s arsenal. This Special Focus will highlight the sound companies and products that will keep your club pumping and the party going!


May Issue: Deadline: April 10
Set the Table!

A Special Focus on beverage and food-service products
Glasses, menus, coasters, plates … they aren’t the sexiest items in your club, but they are nonetheless a critical component of your bar and, if you offer it, food service. This Special Focus will encompass the myriad products that assist in food and beverage service, including glassware, menus, fryers, table tents, coasters and much more!


July Issue: Deadline: June 10
Official Feature Entertainer Directory

For the past 30-plus years, featuring entertainers have been a popular choice for club promotions and special events. Not only do they provide clubs with an “event” to promote, but they give their guests a “show” unlike anything else. This Feature Directory will list all of the currently touring feature entertainers, along with current promo and bios to help club owners and operators select the right entertainer for their specific needs.


September Issue: Deadline: July 25
The 30th Anniversary EXPO Guide

In lieu of a Special Focus, we’ll be busy preparing the Official 2023 EXPO Program Guide for the 30th Anniversary EXPO at Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! This Guide will boast all of the information EXPO attendees will need to navigate the EXPO, including a complete list of exhibitors and sponsors, ED’s Awards nominees, the most current EXPO agenda and so much more!

November Issue: Deadline: October 10
Impressively dressed!

A Special Focus on club merchandise and uniforms
Who do you turn to for branded T-shirts, hats and other promo items? Who will you call when you want attention-grabbing outfits for your servers and bartenders? Our Special Focus on merchandise & uniforms will showcase the latest styles and go-to companies — who can keep everyone in your club impressively dressed!

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