EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

Advertising Ops 2021

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“One of the first things I did when I branched out into my club’s marketing was to reach out to Exotic Dancer’s Club Bulletin Magazine. I knew that if my club wanted to be taken seriously within the industry, we had to be in this magazine every month. For an urban club that helps tremendously because this particular sector is not well known, especially around EXPO. Because our club was being featured in the magazine it helped our exposure within the industry tremendously.”
— DC Glenn, EXPO panelist, formerly with Strokers and Magic City in Atlanta

Having a booth at EXPO 20/21 is just one of the ways ED Publications can promote your business at our annual convention and tradeshow. You can also reach the buyers at EXPO 20/21 with:

—A display advertisement in the Official EXPO 20/21 Program Guide
2021 adver button—A display advertisement in the July issue of ED Club Bulletin handed out at the show
—Display ads, internet exposure, and a Tradeshow booth through our 40% EXPO 20/21 Special Package
—A year’s worth of promotion as outlined in the 20/21 ED Media Kit
—Your promo piece placed in the OFFICIAL EXPO 20/21 Goody bag  handed out to every show attendee

Click the pages below for more details on each of these five promotional avenues. 

For more information, contact Kris Kay (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in our Marketing Department at (727) 726-3592.

2020 Program Guide
2021 Program Guide Ad PDF
Package Deals
2021 Package Deals
ED Magazine Ads
2021 Advertising Ops
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Make A Splash Package!

Get print, internet, and social media exposure in 2021 at a cherry discount!

2021 3 Timer Make A Splash2021 3-Issue Package:

Three full-page Display Advertisements
Exposure in three key issues of ED Magazine!.....$2,700

Your banner on the ExoticDancer.com home page
Daily home page exposure for your company for three months!........................................................$2,250

Your banner on the Weekly ED e-Newsletter
Your company in front of buyers every week for three months!......................................................$1,000

Personalized Email Blast
Your message sent to ED’s national clubs database....................................................$1,000

Total cost: $6,950
Cherry discount: $2,950



Download the Media Kit now, click here!

6-Time & 3-Time Package!

The best advertising campaign incorporates multiple media and marketing streams: print ads, digital marketing, email blasts and in-person tradeshow attendance. See the Special Packages on this page. Half-page ad packages and multiple EXPO booth packages are available. *Signed contract and 50 percent deposit required on all packages.

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EDP 4785 copy EDP 4841 copy
Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2
EDP 4967 copy EDP 4999 copy
Sponsor 5 Sponsor 7

6-Time Ad Packages
A FULL YEAR’s worth of coverage!

bonus1 2• Six full-page display advertisements (one every issue) in ED Magazine

• Your Preferred Vendor banner on the ExoticDancer.com website for 6 months

• Your Banner on the weekly ED newsletter for six months

• Two personalized “advanced” email blasts

• Full-page editorial profile in the magazine and on ExoticDancer.com

Total cost: $15,500
50% discounted rate: $7,750*

3-Time Ad Packages
Hit three key issues!

bonus1 2• Three full-page display advertisements in three issues of ED Magazine

• Your Prime banner on the ExoticDancer.com website for 3 months

• Your Banner on the weekly ED newsletter for three months

• One personalized “advanced” email blast

Total cost: $7,500
50% discounted rate: $3,750*

BONUS: EXPO Booth for Half Price!

Buy a 6 time or 3 time Ad package and get this special:
• Booth at EXPO 20/21 —$2,290 value
• Ad in the EXPO 20/21 Program Guide —$800 value
• Two Awards tickets —$180 value
Regular cost of additions: $3,270
50% discounted rate: $1,635*


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2020advertise 1 EDP 5801 copy
2020advertise 2 2020advertise 3
2020advertise 5 2020advertise 4
2020advertise 6 2020advertise 7

EXPO Ads & Booth Package!

Reach the buyers before, during and after EXPO 20/21!

bonus21 Booth at the EXPO 20/21 Tradeshow ($2,290)
Meet in-person with club owners and GMs
Booth includes 2 badges, a table and 2 chairs

2 Full-page ad in July ED Magazine ($1,000)
Tell attendees in advance what you
will be promoting at your booth

3 Full-page ad in EXPO 20/21 Program Guide ($800)
Drive attendees to your booth; plus they will
save the Guide and reference your ad all year

2021 Ads Booth Special 4 Full-page ad in November ED Magazine ($1,000)
Remind attendees what you showcased;
highlight for the third time your fabulous offers

5 Your banner on the EXPO website ($1,500)
Three months of daily promotional exposure
in the days leading up to EXPO

Regular cost of additions: $6,590
Special discounted rate: $3,999*

Contact Kris Kay at: (727) 726-3592
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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