2018 EXPO | August 19-22

yearbook header2Celebrating 25 years of the people and events that define an incredible industry

yearbook 2017We are very proud to be celebrating the 25-Year Anniversary of the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO this year, which reflects a quarter century of the growth and success of the adult nightclub industry. We think you should be just as proud of the role you and your club (or clubs) have played in the industry reaching this historic landmark.

To memorialize this accomplishment—both the 25th Anniversary of EXPO and a quarter century of the adult nightclub industry—we will be publishing a special 25-Year Anniversary Adult Nightclub Industry YEARBOOK. This perfect-bound, collector’s item retrospective of both the EXPO and the industry and the clubs that have been a part of it will be a living history and a time capsule of the past 25 years that will be reviewed, referenced and enjoyed for many years to come.

That’s why we want YOU to be a part of this 25-Year Celebration YEARBOOK. We would like you to consider running a display advertisement in this special publication to salute the industry for 25 years of a job well done and to promote your club’s involvement in that success story.

EXPO Anniversary whiteThe 25th Anniversary YEARBOOK will be handed out at EXPO 2017 this Aug. 27-30 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and mailed to the entire industry. It will include:

    • Hundreds of club owner, club staff, entertainer and vendor photos from the past from ED’s publications, websites and the EXPO.
    • Full editorial recaps and photos from each of the past 25 EXPOs.
    • A year-by-year timeline of the most important industry news, events and breakthroughs from the past 25 years.
    • Comments, quotes and observations from club owners, general managers and entertainers about what they saw as industry and EXPO highlights from the past quarter century.
    • Lists of the ED Awards Winners from every year of the Awards Show.
    • Lots of fun “Yearbook-style” photo spreads: Most Likely To Succeed, Best Dressed, Homecoming King and Queen, etc.


yearbook 13
The cost for a full-page ad is only $999.
We will design and build your Yearbook ad for free, and also send you ten copies of the Yearbook. To reserve a page for your club today, just fill out the order form below. Or for immediate action, please call Kris Kay or Lacy Empkey in our Marketing Department at (727) 726-3592, or email them at kris@EDpublications.com or lacy@EDpublications.com

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It’s Like Signing A Friend’s Yearbook!

Whether you’ve been an attendee of the EXPO since its inaugural year in 1993 or a faithful reader/user of ED’s publications and websites—or you’re simply an adult nightclub owner, general manager, DJ, club staffer, entertainer or vendor—you’ve played a part in the success of this industry over the past 25 years.

We want to hear from you!

Take a minute to email your answers to the question below to Editor Dave Manack at dave@EDpublications.com for inclusion in the 25-Year Anniversary Adult Nightclub Industry YEARBOOK.

    • What is your favorite industry memory over the
past 25 years?

    • What is your favorite EXPO memory over the
past 25 years?

yb natashaCongratulations
"25 years! Wow. You guys have been bringing the party since I was a baby! Thank you so much for all that you do.  I love connecting with all of my industry friends. It's an honor to get to attend and be part of the tradition!"
-Natasha Nova, Feature Entertainer

yb DennisThank You!
"Without the EXPO and without ED Publications, I don’t think there would be an industry. I don’t think there would be all of these clubs around the nation; I think they would’ve fizzled out. You would have the big clubs, but I think ED and the EXPO
has enabled the industry to thrive and protect itself, and ultimately have the opportunity to get enough insight and resources for average people to open up clubs all over the country and all over the world.  I don’t think there would be an 'industry' if there wasn’t ED Publications. I 100% believe that."  - Dennis DeGori, Owner/Creator of E11EVEN Miami

TY ponyOr, how About a FREE Yearbook Ad?

Consider being a “Friend of EXPO” sponsor at this year’s 2017 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO at the Hard Rock Hotel & casino in Las Vegas Aug. 27-30. This is a first-time ever sponsorship opportunity at EXPO. The cost is $5,000 and includes a FREE full-page ad in the 25-Year Anniversary Adult Nightclub Industry YEARBOOK, plus:

    • Six complimentary Expo badges
    • Six complimentary Awards Show tickets
    • Club name on the Commemorative Shirt
    • Club logo on the “Walk of Fame” Red Carpet
    • Club logo on “Friends of EXPO” signage at the Hard Rock in Vegas
    • Club logo and URL on “Friends of EXPO” page on the Expo website

To reserve a “Friend of EXPO” sponsorship at EXPO 2017, please contact ED Associate Publisher Dave Manack at (727) 726-3592, dave@EDpublications.com

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