2019 EXPO | August 11-14

2019 VIP Package

VIP 2019 house 1Treat yourself like the VIP you are!

You offer your customers the VIP experience, now it’s your turn to be treated like the rock star you are! Gentlemen’s clubs pride themselves on providing VIP service and amenities, so we have copied that format and created a VIP experience for club owners at EXPO with the Premium VIP Registration Package!

You deserve to be treated like a “VIP.” And why not? We all like to feel special and appreciated, and feeling like a “VIP” can turn a night out or a vacation into an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to get something more from your EXPO experience, the Premium VIP Registration is for you.

“VIP packages have become standard in the entertainment industry,” says ED’s Dave Manack. “Whether you’re talking about concerts, major sports or nightclub events, we as the consumer now have the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ our experiences. It was a natural progression for us to upgrade the EXPO experience, especially as our convention’s theme revolves around the ‘business’ of throwing the best possible party in your club. And selling the VIP experience is certainly part of the ‘party business.’”