EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

Club Management “Team Leadership” Certification

2019 panels leaderTuesday, Aug. 13
11:30-12:30 pm


Strategies to help your team achieve optimal performance improving customer experience and your bottom line  

•  The fundamentals of the psychology of success
•  Identify the “Winning Formula” and apply it
•  4 secrets to “Leveling Up” your game
•  3 keys to unlock optimum performance
•  A proven system for success... not theory

EDU2019 willardbarthPresented by Willard Barth, author of The Anatomy of Transformation,
and a nationally recognized speaker and expert on business leadership,
emphasizing personal and professional development for your employees.

Certification Benefits:
During this
certification you will learn how to uncover the hidden potential within every area of your operation and create a duplicable process that can be taught to all of your staff. This training will teach you the skills to be able to create significant results, using a proven formula that follows a step by step process that is also fun! When you’ve completed this certification, you will have complete certainty that what you have learned works!


Credit Card “Chargeback” Specialist Certification

2019 panels cardTuesday, Aug. 13
10:30-11:30 am


An invaluable presentation on the ways to win the credit card chargeback battle  

•  Setting systems in place to stop chargebacks
•  Recognizing credit card fraud
•  Back-up evidence, from video to thumbprints
•  Training staff on the do’s and dont’s
• Utilizing all of your credit card system’s protection features
EDU2019 EMS Logo
Presented by Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), for more than

30 years the leader in payment processing and merchant services,
and a variety of eCommerce and mobile payment solutions.

Certification Benefits: The most obvious benefit to club owners and operators is saving money by not having to pay chargebacks, fees and fines. Why not save money by preempting chargebacks and credit card fraud by setting up proper validation and screening processes in advance, and by knowing how to handle—and win—chargeback claims that do come in? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in the case of credit card chargebacks learning how top avoid them before they happen means keeping more revenue in your club’s profit column.


EXPO 2019 Legal Panel Dynamex

2019 panels legalWill It Put Our Industry On Life Support?

It sounds like the name of a laundry detergent, but the only thing
it may be washing away is your club’s profits.

The word is Dynamex.

And just the sound of that word sends shivers down the spine
of every adult nightclub owner in California.

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Club Security “Proper Use of Force” Training Certification

2019 panels securityMonday, Aug. 12
1-2 pm

An educational program on the fundamental principles of using force and avoiding the common legal pitfalls associated with it.

•  Understanding use of force and liability
•  Allowable use of force
•  Communication of force
•  Preventative tactics to avoid use of force
•  Use of force demonstrations

EDU2019 NSC LogoPresented by Nightclub Security Consultants (NSC), the nation’s leading
hospitality premise security consulting company. NSC has trained over 10,000
gentlemen’s club, nightclub, bar, and hospitality professionals.

Certification Benefits: The two most significant areas of insurance claims for a hospitality
and entertainment business are “slips and falls,” and “use of force” claims. Use-of-force
claims are entirely preventable—if your team is properly trained. Training certification in the
area of “use of force” for your staff could mean the difference between qualifying for an
insurance policy—or not, while also providing evidence in a possible lawsuit that you
were responsible enough to have your security personnel trained properly.


Responsible Alcohol “Over-Serving” Class Certification

2019 panels alcohol2Monday, Aug. 12
11:30-12:30 pm

An educational program to avoid over-serving and prevent intoxication and drunk driving

•  The legal responsibilities for servers of alcohol
•  Proactive approaches to prevent alcohol misuse
•  Recognizing the signs of intoxication
•  Handling an over-served customer
•  Maintaining control of the environment

EDU2019 Over ServingPresented by Health Communications, Inc., parent company of the
industry’s leading education and training program for the responsible
service, sale, and consumption of alcohol.

Certification Benefits: Liquor boards and local authorities tend to look favorably on establishments that incorporate Responsible Alcohol Server Education, which can lead to more lenient penalties in the event of an alcohol violation. It can also help an establishment protect itself from litigation, and can also result in reduced liability insurance premiums. For employees the certificate of completion makes them a more attractive job candidate; it can help them possibly avoid penalties and fines associated with illegal alcohol sales; and it can enhance their own personal legal protection.


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