EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

Feature Entertainer Promotions Seminar

feature promo 00003How to get the most out of your feature entertainer bookings, including pre-and-post advice!
For those club owners/operators who’ve never booked a feature entertainer before, or for those looking to maximize these bookings, the “Feature Entertainer Promotions” seminar at EXPO 2015 offered specific advice, including how far in advance of the booking do you begin promoting the feature appearance, what in-club promotion and advertising do you do prior to the booking, what can the club and the entertainer do in advance to create a successful appearance, and much more. This seminar’s guest speakers included Bill Love, GM of Al’s Diamond Cabaret and Lacey Rain, ED’s 2014 Entertainer of the Year. (ED’s Dave Manack served as moderator.) Here, we’ve printed a selection of the speakers’ comments.

feature promo 00117Bill Love

As the industry has changed, so has the way we book features. I started booking them in 1989; used to get this whole huge booklet of photos, credits, etc. It’s harder for these girls to build credits today, as many of the men’s magazines are gone and internet has diluted the features, especially the adult movie features. But features are still a very viable promotion. In fact, we book 35 features a year, and they do very well for us.
You have to understand what’s going to work best for your club and your market. The porn stars, bigger name stars, can be very profitable for your club. What I pay attention to are how many Twitter followers they have, their activity on Facebook, their popularity on (tube porn sites) and also the requests from customers.
The other type of features are the “showgirls,” and they are real entertainers. They build their reputation and clientele by killing it on stage, investing in their shows, rehearsing, etc. We booked Lacey Rain for the first time, for example, five years ago. Each time they’re booked, they put on such good shows, innovative shows, unbelievable shows, the crowds grow each time. Their reputation is built on their performances and word of mouth, and that has worked for us as well.
You also the TMZ features; they’re very, very hot for a short period of time. Girls like Belle Knox or Kendra Sunderland; if you see them at CNN one night and in the club the next night, it works extremely well. But you only have a three or four-month window.
I contact the feature at least two weeks before her appearance. We discuss what type of club we are, who is picking her up from the airport, what type of shows she will be doing, what promotions may be happening at the club while she’s there, etc. I don’t expect her to be handing in her credits and music to the DJ five minutes before her show. I get as many of these details handled ahead of time, so it’s much more smoother once they arrive.
As far as pre-promotion, the next six features we have booked are already being promoted in the club with signage; dates listed, flyers at the door, etc. We do all the traditional stuff too; local papers, etc. But Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to be interactive with the guests now. They want to know what’s happening at our club, and we ask them (features) to tweet to all of their followers.
Sure, you spend money on features, but you could bring in 100 guests in a weekend that have never been in your club before. That’s 100 chances to find a new regular customer, so for us it’s always worth it to bring in the features.

feature promo 00078Lacey Rain

The big thing for me is, I want information. I want to know about your club before I get there. I want to have a contact person at your club. It’s tough on the road, we don’t know what we’re walking into sometimes. What type of music does your club play? Who is picking me up from the airport?
When I’m packing for a booking, I want to know the club is booking me because they want me and what I bring as a feature. I want the club to be informed; that makes me feel that I want to give them my best. It feels great to be wanted.
I also want to warn against using sensationalist words in such a media-based society. For example, when I see “Bombshell Lacey Rain,” that doesn’t say anything about me as an entertainer. Instead, use words like “burlesque performer” or “pole champion,” something that actually describes who we are, what we do, what our specialty is, etc.
Also, I go into clubs and see photos of me from five years ago. That’s false advertising, and that makes everyone look bad. If you don’t care enough about us to have the right photos, to promote us, to know something about our shows, what do you expect from us in return? I pour my heart and soul into my performances, as do many of the showgirl features, and I would love it if clubs understood that and were equally enthusiastic about our appearances at their club.

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