How to be successful at the 2024 ED Expo

At ED Publications, we want each and every vendor to leave the 2024 ED Expo satisfied with their experience. If not already proven by our new “Success Package,” we’ve also come up with this list of ways to help you attract buyers to your booth so you can make connections and ultimately make money. A great product or service only gets you so far, but implementing these tips will help you take it all the way.

Appeal to your audience

ED Expo brings together professionals in the adult nightclub industry who are used to being entertained nightly. A generic booth isn’t going to catch their attention or make your product stand out. Instead, try to come up with ways to appeal to those who work in the industry and keep your audience in mind when implementing any of the other tips mentioned here.

Offer freebies

Everyone loves free stuff, so make sure to bring some promotional items to hand out at the 2024 ED Expo. Not only will this draw people to your booth, but it ensures they won’t forget about you because they’ll be using that awesome boobie mousepad featuring your company’s logo and contact information. (See how even the freebies can target a specific audience?)

Host raffles or giveaways

In addition to freebies, tradeshow attendees love a good raffle or giveaway. Allow people to enter to win in exchange for their contact information as a way to bulk up your database or email subscriber list. You can even promote your giveaway in advance to make sure attendees don’t miss your booth when they’re walking around the tradeshow floor. Of course, you’ll have to make the giveaway worth their time though.

Go with ED Expo’s theme

The theme for this year’s ED Expo is “City Lights & Dallas Nights,” so you can expect women to be walking around in their Daisy Dukes and the tradeshow floor to be decked out in western-themed decor. Ensure your booth stands out by digging out your old bolo tie or cowboy hat and going along with the theme. From booth signs to giveaways, there are so many ways to spice up your booth’s look and show some love for Dallas.

Speaking of spicing things up…

Hire booth babes

Hiring models to work at your booth is probably the easiest way to get foot traffic. “Booth Babes” have proven to attract three times more visitors at tradeshows, and when the event caters to those in the adult entertainment industry, hiring them is a no-brainer. Take it a step further and hire models to dress according to the theme or as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Trade photos with them in exchange for email address subscriptions or follows on social media. You’ll bulk up your contact list in no time!

Here are some Dallas-based companies you can hire booth models from:

Hire a spokesperson

If your budget allows, hiring a local celebrity or social media personality will help boost your image and attract crowds. Who can you hire? Maybe a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader or someone well-known in the adult industry. Even if you can only hire them for an hour or two, people will be lining up to get to your booth!

Here are some Dallas-based companies that allow you to hire local celebrities and social media personalities:

Qualify Booth Visitors

Before getting into a lengthy sales pitch, assess the person visiting your booth to make sure they’re a potential lead. You can do so easily by asking them some direct questions about where they work, their job title and why they’re at ED Expo.

Be friendly and welcoming

One of the biggest reasons exhibitors don’t do well at tradeshows is because the body language of the person or people manning the booth is univiting. Too often are people sitting at their booths all day with their arms folded across their chests. No one wants to talk to that person, regardless of what they’re selling.

Instead, make sure to smile at Expo attendees walking by and greet all of your guests. Chitchat with those who stop by and learn about where they work and what brought them to the ED Expo. Avoid asking “Can I help you?” or other sales lingo that people tend to ignore. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes!

Market your ED Expo appearance

Before you get to the ED Expo, promote your appearance to your customers and supporters. Utilize your mailing lists and social media accounts to let people know you’ll be at the Expo and what attendees can expect from your company. Use the event hashtag (#EDExpo2024) to get your social media posts in front of attendees who may not be following you, and help spread awareness during the weeks leading up to the big event. Make sure to highlight any new products you’ll be premiering, giveaways and anything else that will get people to make a mental note to stop at your booth during the Expo.

Don’t have your booth for the 2024 ED Expo yet? Make sure to get in touch with Kris Kay by email at or by calling 727-726-3592 now before they’re gone!

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