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The EXPO 2012 Legal Panel


12EXPO legalNothing’s certain but death ...and the pole tax?
— The EXPO 2012 Legal Panel —

The 2012 Expo legal panel focused on the two main threats that have recently plagued adult nightclubs in several states and are expected to be on the horizon in several more very soon: Customer head taxes, commonly referred to as “pole taxes,” and comprehensive, all encompassing, industry-killing “community defense acts” (CDAs), usually spearheaded by Religious Right moral bully organizations, such as Citizens For Community Defense, which has a primary goal of eliminating adult entertainment from the landscape of America.

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State of the Union 2012 with Joe Redner


12EXPO joe1— Mons Venus’ Joe Redner —

In Tampa, some politicians vilify Joe Redner as “the ultimate outsider,” while residents consider him a local legend. But in our industry Joe Redner, owner of the famed Mons Venus adult nightclub, carries the title “father of the lap dance.” One of the most multi-faceted club owners in the history of our industry, Joe is a very vocal advocate of Libertarian principles. He has waged dozens of legal battles with the Tampa city council, which has tried to place restrictions on the city’s adult nightclub industry for three decades. He has filed suits that have reached the US Supreme Court and have established legal precedent. In addition to being a club owner, business man, and mercurial First Amendment speaker as host of a weekly live, call-in TV program called “The Voice of Freedom” Joe ran for County Commissioner in 2004 and for City Councilman in 2007. And for anyone that’s ever questioned whether or not Joe Redner is a fighter, consider that he was only recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which, thankfully, is in remission. At EXPO 2012, Redner offered a sample of his often controversial and never boring opinion on how our industry has fared over the past two decades, and how adult nightclub owners can defend themselves against the common threats posed against them.

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State of the Union 2012 with John Gray


12EXPO gray2— Spearmint Rhino’s John Gray —

John Gray took the adult nightclub industry by storm when he arrived in 1991, opening the first Spearmint Rhino Club in Upland, CA. Over the next dozen years he turned Spearmint Rhino into a full-fledged adult nightclub chain, introducing 24 new club openings over that period.
While opening 24 clubs in 12 years was certainly an accomplishment worthy of recognition, what truly separated Spearmint Rhino from other club chains was that half of those clubs were located overseas in England, Russia, and Australia, establishing John Gray and Spearmint Rhino as a true worldwide presence. Over the years, Spearmint Rhino clubs have taken home a number of ED’s Awards, including the Overall Gentlemen’s Club of the Year award for their Las Vegas location, which has a reputation as being one of the most popular adult nightclubs in the world.

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