EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

Management Through Technology Seminar

Technology 9128How—and why—to implement new technology into your club operations, and what pitfalls to avoid!
Is your GM doing work the old-fashioned way? There’s a reason it’s called the technological revolution! This EXPO workshop, “Management Through Technology,” provided a look at new technologies, both in software and hardware, that may allow your GM to work faster and easier and help him to reduce expenses and increase revenues. In addition to the seminar’s guest speaker, David Boehm of Club Consultant Pro 2.0 and Don Kleinhans of 2001 Odyssey in Tampa and LV Networks, the seminar also included short presentation from several EXPO exhibitors who are offering some the industry’s top high-tech management products.
Here, we’re printed a selection of comments from Boehm and Kleinhans.

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Tweet This Social Media Seminar

tweet this 00004How to evaluate your social media presence, and what you can do to take advantage of free advertising!
By now everyone knows that they need to use social media, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, to get their message out. Forget delivery; the big challenge is knowing when to get the message out, what target group to reach with the message, and what the content of the message should be. There’s an art to making posts and sending tweets that get read, and our experts will tell you how to write them. To discuss this topic, the seminar featured Leigh Wright, Marketing Director for Kirkendoll Management and Duffy Franclemont of J Dog Media. Here, we’ve printed a selection of their comments.

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Mastering Inventory Seminar

mast inventory 00006As your mother used to say, waste not, want not. Few things can affect your bottom line more than inventory control. If you order too much, you can be over-extended financially and risk product waste; and if you order too little, you can miss out on sales. At EXPO 2015, our experts advised club staff on the best ways to predict upcoming sales and order inventory accordingly, and how to track that inventory for future orders, from liquor to food to napkins. Our speakers included James Watkins, Beverage Director of RCI Management (Rick’s Cabaret) and Kenny Williams of MAL Entertainment and Scores Holding.
Here, we’ve printed a selection of their EXPO comments.

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EXPO Legal Panel

The battle against sin/pole taxes

legal updates 00004Top industry attorneys and lobbyists discuss strategies to fight harmful taxes and legislation!
Benjamin Franklin said only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. And any adult nightclub operator will confirm he’s paid more than his share of the latter. And now, with the spread of per-customer “pole taxes,” clubs are facing additional jeopardy and expense. The Expo 2015 Legal Panel focused on this issue, and featured two top First Amendment attorneys with national practices, Daniel Aaronson and moderator Brad Shafer, along with Jeff Levy, executive director of three adult club associations that have defeated 29 separate legal challenges. ED Associate Publisher Dave Manack also participated in the session by directing questions toward the panelists.

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Solving Slow Weeknights Seminar

slow weekends 00006Promotions that can pack your club on a weeknight and the motivation needed to get club staff behind these special events.
Unfortunately Monday Night Football only happens on Mondays and for less than half the year. So how do you get customers into your club the other Mondays and all those Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays, which are not considered weekend party nights? At EXPO 2015, our experts provided some marketing and special promotions gameplans that have a proven track record of turning normally slow weeknights into high-dollar touchdown nights. Our guest speakers included two adult club industry veterans; Jack Pepper of Club Babes in Atlanta and Terrence Skelly, GM of Rick’s Cabaret in NYC.

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Finding and Keeping Entertainers Seminar

keeping dancers 00005Recruiting, retention, training ... and the importance of the use of proper terminology!
Leaving aside the ongoing employee versus independent contractor debate, how do you or your general manager make sure your club is staffed with the best entertainers possible? No entertainers equals no customers—it’s that simple. At EXPO 2015, our experts—Russell Benedetto of E11EVEN Miami and Warren Colazzo of Thee Dollhouse in Tampa (filling in for Randy Beasley, who withdrew due to illness), both industry veterans—provided tips on where to find great entertainers, how to recruit them to dance at your club, and how to keep them coming back to work at your club. And because anything to do with entertainers has become a sticky subject, legally speaking, well-known industry attorney Luke Lirot joined the seminar to ensure all advice was legally sound.

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Feature Entertainer Promotions Seminar

feature promo 00003How to get the most out of your feature entertainer bookings, including pre-and-post advice!
For those club owners/operators who’ve never booked a feature entertainer before, or for those looking to maximize these bookings, the “Feature Entertainer Promotions” seminar at EXPO 2015 offered specific advice, including how far in advance of the booking do you begin promoting the feature appearance, what in-club promotion and advertising do you do prior to the booking, what can the club and the entertainer do in advance to create a successful appearance, and much more. This seminar’s guest speakers included Bill Love, GM of Al’s Diamond Cabaret and Lacey Rain, ED’s 2014 Entertainer of the Year. (ED’s Dave Manack served as moderator.) Here, we’ve printed a selection of the speakers’ comments.

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Vendor Relations Seminar

vendor relations 00006Club owners and operators order thousands of dollars of products and services for their club every month. But what are the keys to maximizing these relationships? Are you getting items for free, even getting money from your vendors? And how can you protect yourself and your club in the process? These are the subjects addressed by our “Vendor Relations” panel, which included Jordan Bass, co-owner of Babes clubs in New Orleans and New Jersey, David Boehm of Club Consultant Pro 2.0, and industry attorney Eric Bernstein.
Here, we’ve printed a selection of their seminar comments.

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