2018 EXPO | August 19-22

Panels & Seminars 2018

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There are more reasons than ever for you as a club owner to not only attend the 2018 Gentlemen’s Club Expo but to also bring key personnel from your club to this year’s August 19-22 show at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  EXPO 2018 will again feature panels and seminars tailored to club owners as well as club personnel, from GMs to security to bartenders. Check back as we announce specific panel topics and speakers in the coming months. Below is a look at the panels and seminars from the 2017 EXPO.

“I got to put something from EXPO to use already. A customer came in and I escorted him to the bar to take his admission fee. He says, ‘Where have you been? I was here earlier and you weren’t.’ I ask when he was here, and he says a half hour ago. I tell him I have been in the club for hours. The customer says, ‘No, I was here for like 20 minutes just sitting here.’ Now my instinct is to continue explaining that he is mistaken, but I recall from one of the EXPO panels that being right isn’t as important as having a happy customer. So I apologized for the inconvenience and bought him a drink. Now my happy customer is buying private dances instead of complaining about the club. Thanks to whichever speaker got through to me." 
Stephen Dick, Nite Moves Gentlemen’s Club, Latham, NY

EXPO 2018 Panels and Speakers:

couch couch2018

couch couch2018 2
Think Jimmy Fallon. Think Conan.

A couch, a table, a coffee mug, a conversation — and maybe a few laughs!

At EXPO 2018, we’re introducing an entirely different kind of seminar presentation, one that will resemble a talk-show and will replace the “talking-heads” format typically seen at EXPO panels. We’ll introduce three speakers, one at a time, and our “host” will pepper them with specific questions about their particular area of expertise as it relates to the topics of this year’s seminars. The format will be entertaining, but even more importantly, you’ll leave the EXPO 2018 seminars with practical advice and tips you can use to choose, plan and execute parties and other special events in your club.

Monday: August 20

couch choosing2018 2couch choosing2018

Monday, Aug. 20

Fresh, out-of-the-box parties that attract a newer generation of customers
Sure, everyone has a St. Patty’s day event where people wear green and a Christmas party where some customer will inevitably show up dressed as Cousin Eddie from “Christmas Vacation.” But that’s old news. What kind of parties are the successful clubs throwing in 2018? They aren’t your daddy’s parties anymore! Our club experts will discuss their most innovative party and special event ideas, especially those aimed to attract your newest generation of customers ... who have notably short attention spans! What you walk away with: Specific ideas for special-event nights at your club.

couch promoting2018 2couch promoting2018

Monday, Aug. 20

Rise above the static to grab those millennials & centennials
You’ve got this great event planned in your club. You have the theme, special outfits for your service staff, decorations, and even the club’s entertainers are excited. But how, exactly, are you going to tell your customers and would-be customers about this great event? Twenty-somethings aren’t listening to terrestrial radio and they’re too busy looking at their phones to see billboards. Therein lies the key — you have to find a way to reach them on their phones. So exactly how smart is your event marketing? Our experts will help you promote your great event with proven 21st century tactics. What you walk away with: Specific tactics for promoting special events on social media.

couch execute2018 2couch execute2018

Monday, Aug. 20


Step-by-step operational instructions for your staff  
Of course, successful parties don’t happen by accident. There are several elements that go into planning and executing a large-scale adult nightclub event. And it’s not just about what the customers see, it’s about everything that happens behind the scenes leading up to and including the night of the event. Our experts will offer tips and instructions on how to plan and execute an event that will have customers raving about your club for months to come. What you walk away with: A “checklist” of operational tips and instructions for producing a successful party or club event.

Tuesday: August 21

couch customers2018 2couch customers2018
Tuesday, Aug. 21

What turns them on, what turns them off, and what makes them come back?
What if you could be a fly on the wall in your own club, if you could see your club through the eyes of a customer. How would you characterize the vibe? Is it fun, a party-like atmosphere? Is it a place you’d go if you could choose between several different types of nightlife? This seminar will feature industry professionals who have spent time in many clubs across the country—as customers—and can talk about exactly what constitutes a “party vibe” in 2018, what exactly customers of today are looking for and what would make them want to come back.

mars venus big11

couch keynote2018
Tuesday, Aug. 21


Wednesday: August 22

couch succession2018 2couch succession2018

Wednesday, Aug. 22

Establishing a plan for your financial future
Adult business owners must be particularly aware of the pitfalls they need to avoid in order to successfully preserve and one day pass on their enterprises to their intended successors.  Many business owners simply don’t realize how potentially devastating a lack of a quality business succession and estate plan can be.  Add in life insurance mistakes that can create huge tax problems and it literally can mean the forced sale of the business you spent a lifetime building. Lee Resnick, a partner in the nationally recognized business succession, estate planning and life insurance advisory and implementation planning firm, Resnick Associates, will be on hand to present a ‘bonus’ seminar at EXPO.  He will help club owners and other business owners plan for their futures.   If you own your business, you can’t afford to miss this!

couch vibe2018 2couch vibe2018

Wednesday, Aug. 22

Is it time to reevaluate your club’s music format?
There’s a science to creating the perfect party atmosphere. And whether that party is in your club or even in your home, music always has, and always will, play a vital role in the vibe you’re trying to create. For decades, “traditional” clubs have had to play a vast variety of music to cater to 50-something guests, 20-something entertainers, and everyone in between. Meanwhile, their urban-club counterparts are able to employ a music format that appeals equally to entertainers and customers. Is it time for traditional clubs to consider changing their musical format or, at least, adapting it for a special event? Our experts will debate the topic and explain the impact it could have on creating the ultimate party atmosphere.


couch legal2018 2couch legal2018
Wednesday, August 22

Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment, the #metoo movement and your club     
It started with Harvey Weinsten in October 2017 and hasn’t stopped since: The “#MeToo” movement is only growing in its intensity with no sign of slowing down. And though the adult nightclub industry boasts a “sexually charged” atmosphere, that doesn’t mean that “sexual harassment” does not, or cannot, exist. The EXPO 2018 Legal Panel will tackle this very complex and very current topic, and will feature attorneys and club operators who have a wealth of experience in this area (please click here for more details).

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