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Panels & Seminars 2019

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There are more reasons than ever for you as a club owner to not only attend the 2019 Gentlemen’s Club Expo but to also bring key personnel from your club to this year’s August 11-14 show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  EXPO 2019 will again feature panels and seminars tailored to club owners as well as club personnel, from GMs to security to bartenders. Check back as we announce specific panel topics and speakers in the coming months. Below is a look at the panels and seminars from the 2018 EXPO.

“I got to put something from EXPO to use already. A customer came in and I escorted him to the bar to take his admission fee. He says, ‘Where have you been? I was here earlier and you weren’t.’ I ask when he was here, and he says a half hour ago. I tell him I have been in the club for hours. The customer says, ‘No, I was here for like 20 minutes just sitting here.’ Now my instinct is to continue explaining that he is mistaken, but I recall from one of the EXPO panels that being right isn’t as important as having a happy customer. So I apologized for the inconvenience and bought him a drink. Now my happy customer is buying private dances instead of complaining about the club. Thanks to whichever speaker got through to me." 
Stephen Dick, Nite Moves Gentlemen’s Club, Latham, NY

EXPO 2019 Panels and Speakers:

eduGentlemen’s Club  EXPO introduces ED University

First-ever certification training seminars will offer programs on four very specific areas of club operation

At the 2019 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO (August 11-14, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas), ED Publications will introduce the first-ever ED University Certification Series. This series will include four training/certification programs on very specific areas of club operation, where all of those who attend will receive a certificate of completion.

“We’re calling it the ‘ED University’ Certification Series because by using the word ‘university’ we send the message that these are educational classes where attendees will actually be students in a sense,” says ED Publisher Don Waitt. “Attendees will leave those classes educated about the latest developments in club operations and they will receive a certificate of completion—a diploma, if you will—for having attended those classes.”

The concept has met with very favorable response from industry leaders, who have suggested that, after 25 years of operation, the EXPO add a new component to the show to encourage club owners to send their key personnel to the convention.

“This Certification Series is an excellent addition to the EXPO,” says RCI Management President, Ed Anakar. “I believe it will add great value to club owners and employees. The certification in most cases can help with litigation and insurance costs, and the training is invaluable.”

Says Jim St. John of the Spearmint Rhino club chain, “If you want to stay in business and be successful, you have to be knowledgeable on all the key issues surrounding the industry. The EXPO puts the industry’s experts on that seminar stage every year to help this industry. What is that worth? It’s worth a hell of a lot! You should be sending as much of your staff as you can to learn, because you won’t get this information anywhere else.”

At EXPO 2019, there will be Certification Classes offered on: Security and proper use of force; Liquor liability and over-serving; Credit card chargeback prevention; and Leadership/management training. There will also be a “bonus” seminar for DJs showcasing the “S.M.I.L.E.” training program.

The Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO is the only national convention, tradeshow and awards show for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. For more information on this year’s EXPO, including a complete agenda with details on exclusive parties and special events, as well as early registration discounts, please visit theEDexpo.com or call (727) 726-3592.

Monday: August 12

2019 panels alcohol2
Responsible Alcohol Over-Serving Class Certification
Monday, Aug. 12
11:30-12:30 pm

An educational program to avoid over-serving and prevent intoxication and drunk driving
Certification Benefits: Liquor boards and local authorities tend to look favorably on establishments that incorporate Responsible Alcohol Server Education, which can lead to more lenient penalties in the event of an alcohol violation. It can also help an establishment protect itself from litigation, and can also result in reduced liability insurance premiums. For employees the certificate of completion makes them a more attractive job candidate; it can help them possibly avoid penalties and fines associated with illegal alcohol sales; and it can enhance their own personal legal protection.

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2019 panels security
Club Security Proper Use of Force Training Certification
Monday, Aug. 12
1-2 pm

An educational program on the fundamental principles of using force and avoiding the common legal pitfalls associated with it.
Certification Benefits: The two most significant areas of insurance claims for a hospitality and entertainment business are “slips and falls,” and “use of force” claims. Use-of-force claims are entirely preventable—if your team is properly trained. Training certification in the area of “use of force” for your staff could mean the difference between qualifying for an insurance policy—or not, while also providing evidence in a possible lawsuit that you were responsible enough to have your security personnel trained properly.

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Tuesday: August 13

2019 panels cardCredit Card Chargeback Specialist Certification
Tuesday, Aug. 13
10:30-11:30 am


An invaluable presentation on the ways to win the credit card chargeback battle  
Certification Benefits: The most obvious benefit to club owners and operators is saving money by not having to pay chargebacks, fees and fines. Why not save money by preempting chargebacks and credit card fraud by setting up proper validation and screening processes in advance, and by knowing how to handle—and win—chargeback claims that do come in? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in the case of credit card chargebacks learning how top avoid them before they happen means keeping more revenue in your club’s profit column.

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2019 panels leaderClub Management Team Leadership Certification
Tuesday, Aug. 13
11:30-12:30 pm


Strategies to help your team achieve optimal performance improving customer experience and your bottom line  
Certification Benefits: During this certification you will learn how to uncover the hidden potential within every area of your operation and create a duplicable process that can be taught to all of your staff. This training will teach you the skills to be able to create significant results, using a proven formula that follows a step by step process that is also fun! When you’ve completed this certification, you will have complete certainty that what you have learned works!

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andy gould keynote2Keynote Address “Controlling Chaos” by Movie Producer and Band Manager Andy Gould
Tuesday, Aug. 13
12:30-1 pm

EXPO 2019 Keynote Address:

Every club owner and operator understands the challenges that come with managing the egos of entertainers, DJs, bartenders and cocktail servers. Sure, you want your staff and entertainers to be “stars” in your club (as reflected by this year’s EXPO theme), but it isn’t always easy to reign in the larger-than-life egos on the clubs biggest “stars.” Sometimes, when egos clash, it can create a chaotic environment that rides the line between high-energy (good) and volatile (not so good).

Our EXPO Keynote Speaker, Andy Gould, understands the challenges of managing massive egos and the chaos that can sometimes ensue when egos run amok. After managing musicians like Axl Rose and the rest of Guns N Roses, and producing several films with Rob Zombie including “Halloween,” “Halloween 2,” “The Devil’s Rejects” and “House of 1,000 Corpses,” Andy clearly has a grasp on what it means to manage these high-ego stars and control the chaos that can sometimes ensue. That idea, “Controlling Chaos,” is the theme of EXPO 2019’s Keynote Address.

“Andy Gould knows exactly what adult club operators do every night in their venues, as they attempt to juggle egos and control the chaos,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher, Dave Manack. “He’s managed many big egos over his lengthy career as a band manager, including Axl Rose, Lionel Richie, Rob Zombie and Glenn Danzig, and bands such as Linkin Park and Pantera. He’s also produced 10 movies over the past 16 years, each one filled with ‘stars’ who demanded their share of attention. During his Keynote Address, Andy will share anecdotes about some of his more chaotic moments with these personalities, and what it takes to juggle egos while keeping a band, a movie—or a gentlemen’s club—operating as smoothly as possible.”

The EXPO 2019 Keynote Address is sponsored by Bob Chiappardi of StripJointsMusic.com.

Wednesday: August 14

2019 panels djBonus Seminar:  The "S.M.I.L.E." Program for club DJs
Wednesday, Aug. 14
11 am-Noon

Addressing five very specific and crucial areas of club operation      
• Sell: How to improve alcohol sales and house promos • Market: How to promote upcoming club events  • Interact: How to properly interact with guests, entertainers and management • Lead: How to lead by example in the critical area of guest experience • Entertain: How to read the room, energize the crowd and throw a party every night

Presented by Michael DeSuno, Corporate Head of DJs for the RCI Hospitality club chain, and developer of the S.M.I.L.E. program

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2019 panels legalLegal Panel: The Dynamex disaster, and what it means for the industry.
Wednesday, Aug. 14
Noon-1:30 pm

Will It Put Our Industry On Life Support?
It sounds like the name of a laundry detergent, but the only thing it may be washing away is your club’s profits.
The word is Dynamex.
And just the sound of that word sends shivers down the spine of every adult nightclub owner in California.

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