2020 EXPO | Aug 16-19

Panels & Seminars 2020

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There are more reasons than ever for you as a club owner to not only attend the 2020 Gentlemen’s Club Expo but to also bring key personnel from your club to this year’s August 16-19 show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  EXPO 2020 will again feature panels and seminars tailored to club owners as well as club personnel, from GMs to security to bartenders.

“I got to put something from EXPO to use already. A customer came in and I escorted him to the bar to take his admission fee. He says, ‘Where have you been? I was here earlier and you weren’t.’ I ask when he was here, and he says a half hour ago. I tell him I have been in the club for hours. The customer says, ‘No, I was here for like 20 minutes just sitting here.’ Now my instinct is to continue explaining that he is mistaken, but I recall from one of the EXPO panels that being right isn’t as important as having a happy customer. So I apologized for the inconvenience and bought him a drink. Now my happy customer is buying private dances instead of complaining about the club. Thanks to whichever speaker got through to me." 
Stephen Dick, Nite Moves Gentlemen’s Club, Latham, NY

EXPO 2020 Panels and Speakers!

edueduReturn of the ED University
training certification seminars

first time2020
After an overwhelmingly positive response last year, EXPO 2020 is once again offering the ED University Training Certification Seminars for you and your staff! All seminar attendees will receive a certificate of completion for these specialized training sessions. Training seminar topics were voted on by previous EXPO attendees via an online/email poll to ensure that these are the topics that matter most to you and your staff!

The Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO is the only national convention, tradeshow and awards show for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. For more information on this year’s EXPO, including a complete agenda with details on exclusive parties and special events, as well as early registration discounts, please visit theEDexpo.com or call (727) 726-3592.

Monday: August 17

2020 bar theft
Stopping Bar Theft Training Certification Seminar
Monday, Aug. 17
11 am - Noon

Certification Benefits: Here are some eye-opening stats: The National Restaurant Association says 75% of employees steal from the workplace at least once, and half will steal repeatedly. Internal employee theft is also responsible for 75% of inventory shortages. Employee theft, especially as it relates to your club’s bar area, is a major area of concern for club owners nationwide.
But how can you stop something that’s as prevalent as bar theft? At EXPO 2020, our bar theft experts — eConnect CEO Andy Speropoulos and Neil Wolfe, Beverage & Inventory Director for RCI Hospitality — will demonstrate proven methods for stopping theft before it starts, how to detect ongoing theft, and what to do if and when it does happen.
This certification training seminar is designed to help save you thousands of dollars right now!

What you and your team will learn: Proven methods to detect and prevent bar theft.

2020 marketing
Facebook & Instagram Marketing Training Certification Seminar
Monday, Aug. 17
Noon - 1 pm

Certification Benefits: For many gentlemen’s clubs, social media has replaced their need for a website. Two social media avenues — Facebook and Instagram — have become crucial marketing platforms. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of both? And what specific strategies should you be implementing right now in order to effectively promote your club and actually bring in more customers? Our social media experts — Jenna Gross of Moving Targets and Adella from Forward Approach Marketing — will offer specific training tips for your club’s social media marketing, with a concentration on Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to put social media marketing to work for your club, and our experts will tell you how!

What you and your team will learn: How to use Facebook and Instagram to promote your club and bring in more customers.


Tuesday: August 18

2020 conflictConflict De-escalation Training Certification Seminar
Tuesday, Aug. 18
Noon -1 pm


Certification Benefits: Verbal de-escalation is not an intervention that starts from a dead stop when an incident begins to erupt. Security professional Charles Wilson, a former Detroit Police Command Officer with 20 years of law enforcement experience and six-years in the hospitality, sports and gaming world, who now leads a very diverse security team of over 400 security professionals, will conduct the EXPO’s Conflict De-escalation Training Certification Seminar. This seminar will train club management and security team leaders on how to pick-up on those verbal and nonverbal cues necessary to effectively communicate with guests. They will come away with verbal and behavioral tactics for their toolbox which will assist them with de-escalating any negative situation. They won’t take away one silver bullet, but rather several communication tips they can use to right-size their expectations for guest service first — security professionals, not physical bouncers. The goal is to instill the proper mindset in your security staff to always be proactive, prepared and properly oriented.

What you and your team will learn: How to effectively recognize and de-escalate dangerous situations in your club before they get out of control.


David Avrin Headshot mag2020Keynote Address by
Renowned speaker and author, David Avrin

Tuesday, Aug. 18
1 pm-2 pm

EXPO 2020 Keynote Address:

Preparing for the future doesn’t just mean staying competitive with fellow
gentlemen’s club operators. As a renowned speaker and author David Avrin will explain at EXPO, it means realizing who your “real” competition is, and understanding exactly what your customers will expect from you now and in the future.

One of the most in-demand customer experience and marketing keynote speakers and consultants in the world today, David Avrin delivers profound wisdom to clients and audiences around the world. With a surprisingly relatable, conversational and very entertaining style, David delivers profoundly insightful and hard-hitting content to business audiences across a broad range of industries and categories. At EXPO 2020, David Avrin will be bringing this renown expertise to his Keynote Address, which will touch on the convention’s theme of preparing your club for the future.

“Your competition today isn’t other gentlemen’s clubs, it’s not even the internet,” says Avrin. “It’s being the best choice for what to do with your friends on a Friday night!  It’s Top Golf, or bowling, or nightclubs, sports or even staying home with Netflix.”

David Avrin is the author of the celebrated marketing books: It’s Not Who You Know It’s Who Knows You! and Visibility Marketing!,  His latest Customer Experience book: Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) was named by Forbes as “One of the 7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.”
A former CEO group leader, and executive coach with the world’s largest chief executive organization, David has worked with thousands of CEOs and business leaders on their business brand, customer experience and competitive advantages.
His message and timely lessons on creating, delivering and promoting competitive advantages have been enthusiastically received by audiences in Singapore, Bangkok, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Brisbane, Johannesburg, Manila, Bangalore, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Abu Dhabi, Bogota, Monte Carlo, Melbourne, London, Barcelona, and Dubai. And now, Las Vegas, for the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.
“After consulting with David, I was thoroughly impressed with the research that he had already done in regard to our industry,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher Dave Manack. “David promises a Keynote Address specifically tailored for EXPO attendees, including specific advice that club operators can use to help their clubs understand how they can remain competitive — and profitable — now, and in the years to come.”

For more information on David Avrin, please visit youtube.com/user/visibilitycoach

Wednesday: August 19

first time 2020“Secrets of My Success”
The Industry Leader Roundtables
Wednesday, Aug. 19
10:30 am-Noon
handshake 2020For years, club owners and operators have suggested that they wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with a well-known, successful club owner/operator. Not a panel session, but an informal setting, where they’d be able to sit with the industry pro of their choice and ask questions, seek advice and simply listen to them share some of their experiences and wisdom gained over their many years in the industry.
You asked, and EXPO 2020 will deliver! We are introducing our first-ever “Secrets of My Success” EXPO Roundtables, which will feature several of the industry’s most well-known and successful club owners/operators, who will each have their own roundtable in the main panel room at EXPO. Similar to the legal roundtables we had years ago, attendees will be able to sit down with the industry pro of their choice in a relaxed setting to talk about their specific areas of concern.
As of press time, the owners/operators set to have their own “Secrets of My Success” Roundtables are (in alphabetical order): Joey Bien (Treasure Clubs), Dennis DeGori (E11EVEN Miami), Eric Langan (Rick’s Cabaret), Jason Mohney (Deja Vu), Michael J. Peter (industry Hall-of-Famer), Chuck Rolling (The Penthouse Club), Jim St. John (Spearmint Rhino), Jerry Westlund (The Pony Clubs), Curtis Wise (Bucks Cabaret).

girl caution tape 2020EXPO 2020 Legal Panel: Picture This
A picture is worth a thousand words … or it might just cost you a million dollars!
Wednesday, Aug. 19
Noon-1 pm

In the past few years alone, dozens of gentlemen’s clubs have been sued for using unauthorized photos of “models” and professional sports logos in print and online advertising, and in almost every instance the models have won these cases to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And still, despite these lawsuits, clubs are still pulling photos of girls off of the internet or even stock photo websites and using them in their advertising.
Two years ago, we published a warning in ED Magazine about these lawsuits and spoke with industry attorney Luke Lirot, who was at that time involved in defending several of these cases.
“I’ve worked close to 20 of these cases over the past couple of years; I’m involved with several as we speak,” Lirot stated. “To give you some perspective, I’ve gotten more of these cases than I have fair labor standards (dancer class-action) cases recently, and we all know how prevalent the class-action cases have been. It seems like these stock photo cases are the new ‘cottage industry’ for plaintiff attorneys against the adult nightclub industry.”  
Whether it’s online promotional graphics or in-club smartphone usage, modern technology is creating new legal issues that clubs must contend with. Helmed by industry attorneys and club professionals, including Lirot, the EXPO 2020 “Picture This” legal panel will provide owners and operators with the information they need to stay ahead of the curve — and out of the courtroom.

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