RCI’s Eric Langan to provide EXPO Keynote Address

It’s no small feat to get 20 or 30 minutes of Eric Langan’s time. Langan, as many know, is President, CEO and Chairman of RCI Holdings, the company that owns and operates the Rick’s Cabaret club chain and the Bombshells restaurant chain. As such, on any given day you could find him in New York, or Texas, or Florida, or Colorado, or … just about anywhere. If he’s not in the middle of a club acquisition or visiting an existing club or restaurant, he’s speaking to investors (RCI is the only publicly-traded club chain and is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol RICK).

But at EXPO 2022, attendees will have the rare opportunity to have 30 minutes with Eric Langan, as this industry heavyweight will provide the convention’s Keynote Address on Tuesday, August 16, from 12:30-1 pm.

“For the past three decades, the EXPO has showcased the industry’s most prominent figures as Keynote Speakers,” says ED’s Publisher, Dave Manack. “Whether it was Harry Mohney, Michael J. Peter, John Gray, Jim St. John, or even a well-known single-unit owner like Joe Redner (Mons Venus), we enjoy hearing their unique perspectives and prognostications for the industry at large. With so many people approaching Eric over the years at EXPO with specific questions, we thought this was a great opportunity for him to address some of those questions during our EXPO 2022 Keynote Address.”

ED Publications recently spoke to Langan and asked him to address some of the subjects that he will discuss in greater detail at this year’s EXPO in Las Vegas.

“We need to move away from what I call the ‘traditional strip club.’ If we continue to do the same thing we’ve always done, we will become our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generation of business,” says Langan. “Look at what happened to the Playboy empire, which was based on the magazine. Playboy was once the definition of cool. Now, forget about it. So, we have to adapt. We have to change. And the chief focus has to be on attracting this new 25-to-35-year-old crowd who’s starting to make lots of money.”

Read the rest of our interview with Eric Langan in the upcoming July issue of ED Magazine!

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