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smart1 2017& the future of five-inch marketing

The number-one form of marketing for your club now and in the future is going to be social media marketing. The number-one avenue for reaching your customers through that platform is through their cell phone. At EXPO 2017, three industry pros offered their tips for social media marketing success.
Five to six inches could be all that stands between your club’s triumph or ruination, because that’s the average size of today’s smartphones. Those devices that has become the universal, pocket-sized means of information acquisition and are constantly being tweaked and improved.
“The Future of Five-Inch Marketing” panel tackled the elusive topic of marketing to millennials and centennials via this handheld vehicle. Speakers included Brittany Santos of Las Vegas’ KHN Enterprises; Scott Richter, owner of Platinum 84 in Denver; and Ariel Goode, Marketing Manager for the Spearmint Rhino club chain.
Here, we’ve printed a portion of their EXPO presentations, edited for concision.

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Brittany Santos
KHN Enterprises

There are a ton of social media options. There’s Facebook, there’s Twitter, there’s YouTube, there’s the blogosphere, there’s Google Plus. There’s just so many options out there, it’s like a Rubik’s Cube. As a small business, it can be a little daunting to know where to start.
When you look at the benefits of social media marketing, it can increase your exposure, increase traffic, you can develop fans, you can get marketplace insight, you can generate leads, you can improve your rankings in SEO, you can grow business partnerships, you can reduce marketing expenses and you can improve your sales. So as a small business owner, the only question I have really is why not start?
But you have to be careful because you can end up in a really dark place called Facebook prison. Because we are in the adult industry, if you show a nipple you will be put in Facebook prison.
What you can also do is spy on your competition, which is a huge value to small business owners. You want to be able to spy on your competition and know which shot special was working, what wasn’t working, who has the best dancer, who generates the most revenue. Spying on your competition is always a good thing, no matter what industry you’re in.
Social media is like comment cards from the old days where you take your comment and you fold it up.
There is a bully on the internet called Yelp! It’s worth the small fee of $125 a month to get the bully off your back.
 For more information, visit khnenterprises.com or call (702) 824-7822.
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Scott Richter
Platinum 84, Denver

I’ve got six or seven nuggets that cost hardly pennies but will bring in thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free business.
As times have changed, people used to spend thousands of dollars a week on print and media. Now with the social media culture, switching to telephones—the average person looks at their telephone over 100 times a day—how do you get those people who are looking at their phones and add value to those people for your business?
You have to remember, if you’re looking at print or you’re looking at an ad on TV, you may see that one time or you may never see it again. But you can create what I like to call mousetraps to keep these eyeballs on your business and it costs nothing.
Things we’ve done is to have new staff members create a Facebook profile for business. It does two things—allows entertainers to keep adult business side separate from personal life and also as staff members use social media, it turns Facebook into a billboard for their business. The entire news feed looks like a giant ad and it doesn’t cost us a single penny.
Because Facebook can cap the number of
 friends, I also advise to accept friends from the same locale if you have to be discerning with your friends. We’re in Colorado, so an employee may not accept a friend request from someone in another country.
Something we used to do every night—we don’t do it quite as often now—Facebook Live. By having features and using their social media and popularity, when we go live, we start trending. It’s amazing how many people come through the door asking for these girls. We’re creating new superstars online that never existed years ago.
Going live is very big. One night Ron Jeremy was in and before you know it, there’s a couple thousand people watching the live stream. Facebook Live also lets people see how your club is doing—if it’s early and empty, invite people out. If it’s the middle of the night and popping, let others know that, too. Don’t show customers (unless they want to be in it). A lot of our customers now feel like it’s a reality TV show watching our club live a few nights a week.
For social media, always have a second profile used just for posting. Don’t have any friends on it. If you do wind up in (Facebook) jail, it’s not going to affect anything. I think Facebook has a huge flaw when they do put you in jail.
Some other things that do cost a bit of money:  email and SMS marketing. I think email has slowed down a lot. It’s not effective as it was.
SMS marketing, if you have a very fresh list of people who have opted in, it’s very effective. If your list is stale, it’s probably died off and you’re not going to see great results.
Another very effective tool—Snapchat. How many people are watching Snapchat? The atmosphere of phone usage in the club has relaxed. You don’t want to take pics of entertainers of course, but the overall usage of the phone being prohibited is going extinct thanks to selfies.
Snapchat is a tool, it’s there and it’s very cheap.
For more information, visit platinum84.com or call (720) 540-9333.
Ariel Goode Spearmint rhino

Ariel Goode
Spearmint Rhino

There are some very real challenges that come along with advertising on social media. We all have beautiful clubs, but one of the challenges is getting girls to promote. Maybe they aren’t promoting because they’re a soccer mom or a student and they don’t want other people to know they dance. But they don’t have to show their face. Nine times out of ten, the face isn’t the first thing customers are looking for. You could have a photo of a great silhouette holding a drink.
Come up with different incentives for the bar staff/waitstaff as well. Maybe a free points system for posting to compete for a $25 gift card.
Tagging is also important. If a girl posts, but she doesn’t tag where she is, that doesn’t help us. You’re promoting yourself in addition to driving additional traffic to the club in which you work. You could set it up so that every 10 posts you do, you get a discount on a “house fee,” or something similar.
A lot of times you’ll see a gentlemen’s club ad and you’re familiar with the area but you know that girl doesn’t work in that area. It’s great to have a pretty face and an amazing body on what you’re promoting on social media ads, but you want to make sure you’re creating ads that relate to the demographics of the areas that you’re around.

“One of the challenges is getting girls to promote (on social media). Maybe they aren’t promoting because they’re a soccer mom or a student and they don’t want other people to know they dance. But they don’t have to show their face. Nine times out of ten, the face isn’t the first thing customers are looking for!” — Ariel Goode

Look for businesses that don’t mind partnering with you online. Sometimes it’s not going to be social media. Take advantage of the free opportunities, but sometimes you need to have that paid placement. It’s always good to reach out to other resources and local businesses that don’t mind partnering with you—for instance, tattoo shops or the local liquor store [or adult store]. Buy banner space on their website.
When it comes to social media posts, the best thing to do is keep it simple. People will write these dissertations. Nobody’s going to read it. Have whatever you post accompanied with a picture. You may have a hot girl or a bottle, even a club promo. And you want to keep it simple. What’s going on? What’s the date?
What’s today’s specials? And keep it moving because it’s going to be the picture that gets people to look and say ‘Oh wow, that’s hot. I wonder what they got going on? Oh, $2 Tuesdays.’ That’s what they’ll capture.”
Getting verified [on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram] is one of the best ways to ensure that if you post questionable content, that you may be able to reclaim your page. Verification is not something you can buy. It’s almost like a badge of honor.
Clubs can get sued over usage of (protected) images, i.e. a Playboy model. You’re getting in trouble. It may take a while, but you’re getting in trouble. There’s nothing worse than getting slapped with a lawsuit for using an image of a girl you thought was ‘hot.’ People think ‘I share memes, I do this.’ There’s no problem. There’s no problem until there’s money involved. If somebody thinks you’re generating revenue off their bare butt or gorgeous face, they will make sure that you pay for it royally.”
For more information, visit spearmintrhino.com.

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