“Surrender” yourself to StripJoints Vol. 101


Godsmack “Surrender”

“Surrender” is a song by Godsmack, an American rock band that has been entertaining audiences for nearly 30 years. The single is their first off the band’s eighth studio album “Lighting Up the Sky” and marks the group’s first foray into new music since 2018. “Surrender” evokes memories of some of their earlier work, with Sully Erna’s earnest vocals propelling the track. Erna does a great job with the chorus of reflecting the theme of the song, namely surrendering to feelings but also taking a break from a possibly toxic relationship  “Why can’t you just please surrender?/Surrender what you promised/Surrender what I need, oh baby/Why can’t you just see that sweet surrender in me?/One time/Surrender to me.” Do yourself a favor, “Surrender” to this band that proves it hasn’t lost a step after almost three decades.

Giovannie and The Hired Guns “Overrated”

StripJoints welcomes back Giovannie and The Hired Guns (GTHG), who were previously featured on StripJoints for their single “Ramon Ayala” at the beginning of 2022. With “Overrated”, GTHG have unleashed a song that, similar to Godsmack’s “Surrender” hints at a lost relationship “She’s over me, says I’m overrated/I’m such a freak, yeah I love the way she hates it/She says I’m a waste of time and I think she might be right/Even if I end up fucking famous, she’d say I’m overrated.” The song seems to also reflect some of Giovannie’s past experiences, who got his start working gigs at dive bars overnight between his quarry job. The song is a guttural look into who Giovannie and The Hired Guns are — an honest, gritty rock band embracing its Texan roots.  

Lenny Tavárez “A Quién No Le Gusta”

Lenny Tavárez is a Puerto Rican Latin trap artist who has teamed up with some other artists for “A Quién No Le Gusta” (translated to “Whoever doesn’t like it”). The song starts with a dreamy guitar intro before segueing to Tavárez’s vocals. It isn’t long before the familiar reggaeton beat pumps in throughout the song. While this song is in Spanish, don’t let the possible language barrier steer you away from this banger. This is easily the type of song where audiences/patrons in your club can just sit back and get swept up in some tried-and-true Latin-flavored music.

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