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TheEDPub.com re-brands as ExoticDancer.com

ExoticDancercom newlogoED Publications’ TheEDPub.com re-brands as ExoticDancer.com

Site to boast the most comprehensive online listing of strip clubs in the U.S.

Back in 1991, before email and the internet would dominate the way we communicate with one another, before illegal music downloading and the grunge music revolution, before Bill Clinton was elected President of the U.S., a company called Exotic Dancer was born. It began as a single magazine—actually, a print “directory”—of strip clubs nationwide. It was the first of its kind anywhere, and eventually led to the Exotic Dancer Bulletin, a quarterly (then bimonthly) business magazine, and to the Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show, held each year since 1998 at the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.
Though many in this industry know all of this as being produced by “ED,” some may not know that the “ED” stands for Exotic Dancer. And ever since the first ExoticDancer.com website was launched in 1998, that URL has only increased in popularity on the internet, especially within web search engines. In fact, ED Publications owns the trademark on the term “Exotic Dancer.” Which got us to thinking,“Why aren’t we utilizing such a powerful, trademarked term like ‘Exotic Dancer’ to our full advantage?”
That’s exactly why ED Publications is re-branding our new TheEDPub.com website as ExoticDancer.com. The site will still be the FIRST and ONLY website that not only distributes news and information for adult nightclub industry professionals, but is also dedicated to the entertainers and to the fans of strip club entertainment. Exotic Dancer Publications has been the trusted source for the strip club industry since 1991, and will continue to be at ExoticDancer.com.
“With the URL change, we are giving our site a better opportunity to get noticed by and gain traction with more people; more entertainers, more strip club fans, more industry pros,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher, Dave Manack. “This increased visibility for the site is great for our site’s advertisers, for our company and for the industry collectively.”
To further enhance this position as the online industry leader, ExoticDancer.com will soon include the most comprehensive and accurate online listing of strip clubs found anywhere on the internet.
“After seeing so many inaccurate club listings on other websites—and knowing that we have the most detailed, up-to-date U.S. strip club database—we knew it was time to share this information with our site’s users,” adds Manack. “This will allow us to further cement ExoticDancer.com as the hub for everything that relates to the strip club industry on a national scale.”

For more information, including special web advertising rates, call ED Publications at (727) 726-3592, visit ExoticDancer.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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