EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas


2017 sound
Two “break-out” EXPO seminars revolving around DJ gear, sound and lighting will be presented at EXPO 2017.

The future of your DJ Software Presented by Dennis Shaw of Virtual DJ

2017 sound DennisIt’s been estimated that 80%, maybe 90%, of adult nightclubs and their DJs utilize the Virtual DJ software for playing and mixing music. But how many of these clubs and DJs are getting the most out of this software?
At EXPO 2017, Dennis Shaw of Virtual DJ will be presenting the “The future of your DJ software” break-out seminar. The main thrust of Shaw’s presentation will revolve around the latest updates to the Virtual DJ software which, according to Shaw, many clubs have been hesitant to update to.

“We’re hearing that DJs and clubs aren’t updating the software because they feel, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ or they simply don’t want to have to ‘learn’ a whole new program,” says Shaw. “But the truth is, it isn’t a ‘whole new program’ and it’s really easy to update the software — and it’s free!”

At this seminar, Shaw will explain all of the specific advantages to updating to the newest version of Virtual DJ, and will also be looking for input from DJs and club operators on which specific needs they have for their club that aren’t being addressed by the current program.

“We often hear from DJs who say, ‘I wish Virtual DJ did’ this or that,” says Shaw. “But the truth is, 90% of what you want it to do, it already does — you just need to update the software! You’ll never discover all that the newest version of Virtual DJ can do if you’re stuck on version 7.4 or older, when we’re already on version 8.2.”

For more information on Virtual DJ, visit Virtualdj.com.

2017 sound daneHow to get the most out of your audio, video and stage lighting Presented by PANDA

From the initial purchase to repair and replacement of your sound and lighting system, it can be a huge investment.  Improperly installed and or maintained equipment can cost a fortune; equipment failure can cause loss of profits, damage to property, and even injury to customers or staff.
PANDA (Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association) invites owners, managers, and DJs to join them at EXPO 2017, where they will discuss simple maintenance techniques that clubs can perform in-house to keep their system in prime operating condition. The seminar will be presented by PANDA President Dane Hansen and PANDA Treasurer Nick Failla (also owner of Nicky Biggs Entertainment, a promotions, marketing, event management, audio & stage lighting consulting company).
2017 sound nick“We will also address many common questions when it comes to your sound and lighting systems such ass; when should I call a professional; how to make the most out of extended warranties; how often should I update my system; how to save money on special effects (ex. fog juice, co2, pyro); how to get the best system on a budget; how can sound & lights affect profitability; and more,” says Hansen.
Audio, video and stage lighting plays a huge role in the sensory impact of your venue, so make sure your investment is operating at its highest potential.

For more information on PANDA, visit PandaMembers.org.

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