10 things you may not know about EXPO 2023!

Sure, by now you know that we’re celebrating the EXPO’s 30th Anniversary. You know the EXPO is in Las Vegas at the Paris Resort & Casino. And you know it’s coming in just a few days!

But there are several things you may NOT know about this year’s EXPO. So we’re presenting this handy list of 10 items you definitely want to know when you get to Paris!

1.) A Keynote Address with a “wow” factor!

In the hospitality industry, remembering guests’ names and preferences is a crucial component to great customer service, and at EXPO 2023 we’re bringing in world-renown memory expert Ron White to provide our Keynote Address and help clubs take their customer service ability to the next level. Ron is a two-time national memory champion; he won the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010. You’ve been wowed by Keynotes in the past, but this will definitely be one you’ll remember! (see what we did there?!)
For more information, go right here!

2.) It’s the first time we’ve had THREE complimentary continental breakfasts!

Sure, we’re all tired of hearing about inflation (and don’t get us started on the prices of everything in Vegas casinos!). That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re offering not just one, not just two, but three complimentary continental breakfasts at this year’s EXPO! Attendees can grab a delicious breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so get your day started the best way possible at EXPO 2023!

3.) First time ever: “Entertainers Only” seminars!

Calling all entertainers! Did you know there are three EXPO seminars that address entertainers, two of which are FOR ENTERTAINERS ONLY?! You asked us for more entertainers seminars and we delivered three that should be amazing! They’re addressing valuable topics of mental & financial health, social media management (both on Monday 8/21), and why the music your club DJ plays might mean the difference between making good money and GREAT money (see that seminar on Wednesday at 10:30 am).
For more information, go right here!

4.) First time ever: A Topless Bikini Contest!

Sure, we’ve had bikini contests. And yes, we’ve had some ultra-sexy lingerie contests. But this year we’ve taken it to the next level: Our first-ever topless bikini contest! Join us at the Sapphire Pool & Dayclub on Wednesday afternoon (2-6 pm) and end your EXPO experience with some fun in the sun! Rent your cabana, daybed or lounge chair (direct through Sapphire) right here: https://sapphirepoollv.com/event/bikini-contest/. For the ladies, contest sign-up happens on-site at Sapphire (you MUST sign up before 3 pm!), and you must be an EXPO attendee.
For more information, go right here!

5.) The Legal Panel is now on Monday, and it features YOUR questions!

The EXPO Legal Panel has always been one of the convention’s most popular sessions, and the ability to ask the industry’s leading attorneys questions about topics that are important to YOU in an open-forum environment is invaluable. That’s why we’re delivering just that in 2023: A panel of leading First Amendment attorneys will answer YOUR questions for an entire hour! This year’s Legal Panel feature four industry attorneys, including Ben Allen, Devon Lyon, Zack Youngsma and Will King. Attendees who’d like to submit a question for the attorneys prior to EXPO can email ED Legal Correspondent Larry Kaplan at larry@kaplanclubsales.com prior to this Thursday 8/17.
For more information, go right here!

6.) Six ED Awards will be handed out prior to the show on Tuesday night

Each year for the past several years, ED Publications has presented ED’s Awards prior to the “main” Awards Show on Tuesday evening (August 22, Paris Theater). The reason for doing this is simple: No one likes three-hour award shows! In total, four entertainer awards and two club staff awards — including Newcomer Entertainer of the Year, Club Favorite Entertainer of the Year, International Entertainer of the Year, Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Year, Club Employee of the Year and DJ of the Year — will be presented before the ED’s Awards Show on Tuesday night. The aforementioned entertainer awards will be handed out at the conclusion of the EDI Finals on Sunday night at Peppermint Hippo, and the two staff awards will be presented at the conclusion of the 10 am security seminar on Tuesday, 8/22.
For more information, go right here!

7.) Club owners: Get succession and estate planning advice from an expert!

In understandable language, financial expert Lee Resnick will tell club owners about proposed tax law changes that could have a direct impact on their overall wealth. This includes vital strategies in the areas of business succession and wealth preservation as well as the eventual transition of assets with a special focus on your club. Don’t miss this free opportunity for valuable financial advice on Wednesday morning (10:30 am).
For more information, go right here!

8.) For the first time, the ACE National Board Meeting is presented as an EXPO seminar!

See an ACE National Board of Directors Meeting in action at the opening Panel Session at EXPO 2023 at 3:30 pm Sunday, August 20 (Rivoli ballroom). Board members will discuss why your involvement in the industry is so important and the ways ACE National can help you in the coming years. Also, you can meet individual Board members in person at the ACE National Booth at the EXPO 2023 Tradeshow from 2-6 pm on Monday, August 21, and from 1-5 pm on Tuesday, August 22.
For more information, go right here!

9.) Somewhere in the EXPO tradeshow … you’ll find FREE EXPO t-shirts!

As you’re busy perusing the aisles of the EXPO tradeshow — which features companies who offer products and services for clubs and entertainers alike — you’ll find an exhibitor who’s handing out FREE EXPO t-shirts. If you want one, you’ll just have to find them! Please note: The companies who exhibit at EXPO have shown their support of this industry, so please show your support as well and say hello to each exhibitor as you walk those aisles!

10.) There’s an official EXPO 2023 app, and it’s easy to download!

While on-site, attendees can pick up the Official EXPO brochure that has the complete list of seminars, award nominees, tradeshow exhibitors and party information … but did you know there’s also an official EXPO app? Find everything EXPO-related on your smartphone by downloading the EXPO app. Just use the QR code here!

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