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Lauren Lotus

Lauren Lotus Model/Feature Entertainer Playboy Playmate, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, ED Publications Miss Exotic http://Dancer.com MISS NUDE WORLD: FINALIST, SHOWSTOPPER & FIRE CHAMPION   Instagram Onlyfans Twitter    

Ginger Wolfe

Ginger Wolfe 2023 Miss Nude World 2021 MNI Audience Favorite 2021 ENU Miss Congeniality Newcomers Division 2021 ENU Best Props Newcomers division 2021 ENU Hottest body Newcomers division 2019 FDNC finalist 2021 Exotic Nude Universe Newcomers Pole Champion   Instagram Onlyfans    

Lucy Skye

Lucy Skye Miss Nude USA Blonde Fashion Model •Feature Entertainer Instagram Onlyfans    

Berg Liquor Control #46

Berg Liquor Control System Laser Fast Pouring For Your Most Popular Brands & Cocktails! 2160 Industrial Drive Monona, WI 53713 608-221-4281 sales@bergliquorcontrols.com bergliquorcontrols.com  

Beau Joie Champagne #23

Beau Joie Discover the Land of Beau There once was a place of such fine taste. People longed for knights embrace. Joy and beauty ruled this land. An Amazing chance to live so grand. beaujoiechampagne.com  

RMS Insurance #38

RMS Insurance RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC (RMS) serves as a “Best in Class” nationwide Managing General Agent (MGA), Wholesaler, Corporate Insurance Broker, Risk Management Consultant, and Claims-Third Party Administrator (TPA). Ranked in the nation’s top 5%...

Dinah Might

Dinah Might (pronounced Dynamite) International Feature Entertainer Hottest Body, Steamy Striptease, Best Dancer, Unique Shows, Sex on Legs, Comedy Rock Star endorsed: “We were dazzled rabbits in the glare of her vivacity” Roger Taylor, Legendary Rock Star, QUEEN Dinahmight.net Instagram  

Peppermint Hippo

Peppermint Hippo Our lux Strip Club chain didnt happen overnight. In fact it began in 2016 when an ambitious young Host decided he wanted to build a career for himself and with all of his favorite...

Thee Doll House SC

Thee Doll House No matter what your taste, we offer something for everyone. From exotically beautiful Eastern Europeans to drop-dead gorgeous girl-next-door types, our club stays filled with remarkable entertainers. theedollhousesc.com  



Four ED Awards being presented before ‘main’ show on Tuesday night!

  Each year for the past several years, ED Publications has presented ED’s Awards prior to the “main” show on Tuesday evening. The reason for...

ER Farley Lynn #86

Farley Lynn Performer, Entrepreneur, Writer, hedonist 🏆 Miss Erotic World 2022 🏆 MNW Newcomer Pole Champ ‘21 & ‘22 Creator @homepolestudios Instagram Facebook catladypoleaddict.com

Charlotte Autumn

Charlotte Autumn 🍂ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕨𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝🍂 🍂Poledance | Aerial | Burlesque🍂 🚗Traveling Feature Showgirl✈️ 🥇FDNC Newcomer Champion 2019🥇 Instagram website    

Angel Beau

Angel Beau 2021 Miss Nude World! Travelling Sideshow/Burlesque Showgirl. Smut maker. Tour Manager. Merch Manager Facebook Instagram Twitter OnlyFans    

Ella Hotwheels

Ella Hotwheels EDI East Starlet Winner 2022 Miss Exotic World 2022 Miss Nude World Newcomer 2022 Stripperlympics 3rd RU 2021 PolerSkater 🛼 Dancer 🎶 Artist ✨ Instagram Twitter