We're headed to Dallas, y'all! EXPO 2024 attendees can count on three full days of must-attend seminars and panel sessions geared toward club owners, general managers, DJs, security staff and other key club personnel; two days of a 120-booth Tradeshow with vendors showcasing their latest products and services; the First Night Fandango and Pre-ED Awards presentation; the $10,000 Topless Bikini Contest; and the Annual ED's Awards Show, the only national awards show honoring the industry’s top adult nightclubs and feature entertainers.

“It’s important to support ED Magazine and the EXPO. ED brings information to light and tries to help everybody in our industry because when people in our industry do things the right way, it reflects on everybody. When they do it wrong, it also reflects on everybody. If we don’t support EXPO, we won’t have an industry.” —  Curtis Wise


SUNDAY, August 25

  1 – 6 pm Registration Desk Open
  3 – 5 pm ACE National Board Meeting
  5 – 7 pm ACE National 25th Anniversary Reception
  9 pm – Midnight 2024 EDI Finals at Bucks Cabaret Dallas  sponsored by Lauren Phillips, Bucks Cabaret & The Pony Clubs

Monday, August 26

  8:30 am – 6 pm Registration Desk open
  10 am – 11 am Texas-Style Breakfast  
  11 – Noon Seminar – The Legends of Dallas: 
30-year veterans of the Metroplex club market will discuss the heyday of Dallas clubs, and look forward to its future.
  Noon – 1 pm EXPO Legal Panel: With new rules governing “contractors vs. employees” recently handed down via the Department of Labor, now is as critical a time as ever to revisit this topic with our panel of legal experts.   Sponsored by Pole Position
  Noon – 1 pm Breakout Seminar For Entertainers Only: Empowering entertainers to sell more dances
This motivational seminar is designed for entertainers to excel in their performances and boost their dance sales
  1 pm – 2 pm Keynote Address 1: Hospitality expert Michael Tipps of Maverick Theory
From names of clubs to eating and layout concepts, hospitality expert Michael Tipps has a score of ideas for elevating the adult nightclub industry.
  2 pm – 6 pm Tradeshow Open
  8 pm – 11 pm First Night Fandango at the Cowboys Red River Dancehall
  11 pm – 2 am After-Parties at The Lodge and Baby Dolls

Tuesday, August 27

  9 am – 6 pm Registration Desk open
  9:30 am – 10:30 am Texas-Style Breakfast
  10:30 am – 11:30 am Seminar — Why to hire female club managers:
This seminar will feature some of the top female club operators and will discuss the advantages that female GMs may have over their male counterparts
  11:30 – 12:30 pm Seminar — Customer service that delivers the wow factor: If your club isn’t providing a high level of customer service or the “wow factor” that many of your guests are looking for — and will pay more for — this is a seminar you won’t want to miss!
  11:30 – 12:30 pm Breakout seminar for entertainers only: Your work-life balance and your mental health
Our mental health experts will discuss the ways that entertainers can ensure that they’re not bringing their “work” home with them, while also maintaining a positive frame of mind while in the club.
  Noon – 1 pm Keynote Address 2 Lone Star icon Joe Bob Briggs
This Texas native is going to bring his infectious charm and energy to address an industry he has long admired, written about, and still celebrates to this day
  1 pm – 5 pm Tradeshow Open
  7 pm – 9 pm ED Awards Show Reception at The Saloon inside Gilly’s sponsored by Expose
  9 pm – 11 pm ED Awards Show at Gilly’s Dallas

Wednesday, August 28

  10 am – 2 pm Registration Desk open
  10:am – 11 am Texas-Style Breakfast
  11 am – Noon Seminar — Find your friends, know your enemies  The Family Policy Council has targeted YOUR industry and they have a three-part strategy that involves passing legislation against anything deemed “adult.” Find out what YOU can do about it! Presented by ACE National
  11 am – Noon Breakout seminar for entertainers only Fostering collaboration among DJs, managers and entertainers Fostering collaboration and teamwork among strip club managers, DJs and entertainers can create an environment that maximizes profitability and delivers an exceptional customer experience.
  Noon – 1 pm Seminar — Civilian response to an active shooter This training course in life-saving is for every EXPO attendee, and will outline the steps for a civilian response to an active shooter event (CRASE). presented by ACE National and COAST in conjunction with Texas State University

  2 pm – 6 pm $10,000 Topless Bikini Contest & Day Party at The Men’s Club