Who’s in the ED Hall of Fame? Find out!

So … who is in the ED Hall of Fame?

Though ED Publications has been inducting individuals into its Hall of Fame since the very first ED’s Awards Show in 1998, many people don’t know which industry veterans have enjoyed the recognition of Hall of Fame induction. Here, we’ve printed the complete list of inductees.


Each year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (based in Cleveland, Ohio) reveals its list of nominees for potential induction. And each year, people argue … and argue … and argue. Because music is inherently subjective — and because many of us feel very passionately about their favorite bands (I mean, why isn’t Iron Maiden in the RRHOF already?!) — the debate is almost always contentious.


Thankfully, the ED (EXOTIC DANCER) Hall of Fame doesn’t produce a similar level of vitriol. Rather, ED Hall of Fame inductees tend to be celebrated, as the legends of the industry — from club owners to top executives, to industry pros, to entertainers — have been welcomed into this rarified company since 1998 (when the very first ED Awards Show was held).


But who, exactly, has been inducted into the EXOTIC DANCER Hall of Fame? Below, we’ve printed the complete list of ED Hall of Famers. You’ll notice that the first several inductees were either former feature entertainers or were connected to feature entertainment, which reflects the fact that feature entertainment was a more prominent facet of the industry 25-30 years ago. We also began inducting multiple individuals (in select years) beginning in 2003. Sadly, as you’ll also notice, a number of these inductees are now deceased.

– Dave Manack

Here is the complete list of ED Hall of Fame inductees, 1998-2022:

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