If you are going to exhibit at the EXPO 2023 Tradeshow, why limit your promotional exposure just to the days of the Tradeshow? Let us promote your company every day from now until the show dates by listing your company name, company logo, website URL and EXPO 2023 booth numbers in this special section (upon receipt of signed contract and deposit). Fax your contract back to (727) 712-8282 or call Teresa Tearno in our finance department at (727) 726-3592. Click on each confirmed exhibitor's logo below to be taken to their website.

“A new client called me and said they saw our ad in ED Magazine and said I want to order 200 chairs. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. The return I’ve gotten between the EXPO Tradeshow and ads has been really great!”

Riccardo Tagliavia, HRR Custom Designs




EXHIBITORS from 2022