Seminars & events for entertainers at this year’s Expo!

If you are an entertainer who wants to make the most of your time at EXPO, please note that there are two “Entertainers Only” seminars this year, and another seminar designed for entertainers and DJs! And for the first time ever, we have a seminar that will address mental health for entertainers by professionals who specialize in the adult entertainment industry.

In addition to the seminars, there are further opportunities to learn, to network, to meet club professionals from across the US and connect with the industry on a national scale. You also have the opportunity to compete in the EXPO’s $10,000 Topless Bikini Contest and Day Party at the world-famous Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club!

EXPO Seminar schedule for entertainers:

For entertainers only: Social media management
Monday, August 21, 12:15 pm – 1 pm

Social media can be an entertainer’s best marketing tool, or a constant aggravation — or both! Our social media experts — Sammy Shayne and Bryan of Couch Fame, who work regularly with adult entertainers — will help all entertainers better manage their social media and avoid typical pitfalls that frequently plague adult entertainers.

For entertainers only: Protecting your mental & financial health
Monday, August 21, 1:15 – 2 pm

This seminar will focus on your health — mental and financial. Speakers will include Dr. Monique Martinez-Quiros, a dual-licensed mental health therapist in Nevada and Arizona. She is also the Vice Chair of The Cupcake Girls, a group that provides confidential mental health support to those involved in the adult industry including advocacy, holistic resources, and referral service. Additionally, Katherine Studley of The Only Consultant will address areas critical to every entertainer’s career, including both touring “features” and house entertainers. Specifically, how to save and invest your earnings to protect your future.

Can you hear me now? How to get entertainers, DJs & managers on the same page
Wednesday, August 23, 10:30 am – 11:30 am

“What is the best music to play in a club?” That question has been debated for years, and rarely do people agree on what the “correct” answer is. Still, one thing is clear: The key to a successful music format starts with ensuring that everyone in the club understands what music is going to be played and why. This seminar will feature veteran club DJ Danny Meyers, feature entertainer and previous club manager Bambi Wilde, and a top club GM who will discuss how to implement a music strategy that everyone in the club can support.

Other highlights will include the EXPO’s Keynote Address by world-renown memory expert Ron White on Tuesday, August 22, The Annual ED’s Awards Show (tickets are $69 each) at the Paris Theater, also on Tuesday, and the aforementioned $10K Bikini Contest at Sapphire.

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