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2024 ED Award Nominees revealed!

  The Final Ballot will go live on July 10, and the winners will be announced at this year’s EXPO in Dallas! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Following...

Chere Noble #26

Chere Noble Local Targaryen, Foreign Catastrophe, and The Atomic Bombshell    

AllianceHCM #10

AllianceHCM AllianceHCM’s tech software allows users to effortlessly manage their workforce’s payroll, HR, benefits, onboarding, offboarding and more all in one place.    

TX native Shane Torres returns home to host ED’s Awards!

  When you live just a short walk from an adult nightclub and you’re in your 20s, chances are you’re going to become a regular...

Dealey Plaza and museum, a must-see for Dallas visitors

Just a few blocks away from the 2024 ED EXPO in downtown Dallas, visit Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum for a fascinating...

Countdown to EXPO